Best Inflatable Canoe (Buyers Guide UK 2021)

If you’re off on a camping holiday to the beach this summer, there nothing better than being able to get on the water either for exercise, to see the coastline from offshore, or even do some fishing. If you want to store it easily, you have three choices, a blow-up dingy, a blow-up paddleboard or an inflatable canoe. In this review, we’re looking at the best inflatable canoe in the UK for 2021.

Inflatable Canoe Buyers Guide

Before you walk out and buy an inflatable canoe, there are a few things that you should probably be aware of. Firstly, and most importantly, no matter what you buy, you’re going to need some practice. Like many people, my friend walked out and bought the latest and greatest inflatable canoe, stocked it full of fishing equipment, got in and within thirty-seconds, was upside down, simply because he did not take the time to practice.

  • Other things to consider include.
    • Canoe Design – is important. The problem with canoes is that they are designed narrow for ease of use, however the narrower a canoe, the wobblier it becomes.
    • Comfort – Look out for a high backrest and seats that are easily adjustable. If you’re going to spend a few hours sitting down fishing, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable seat.
    • Durability – the problem with an inflatable canoe is that it’s inflatable. If you get a leak, you have a real problem. The last thing you want is for your canoe to rip as it being brushed up against a rock. As such, lookout for a strong outer shell that is both reinforced and treated with UV or saltwater coatings to make sure it doesn’t degrade over time
    • Price – Unless you’re going to be using this a lot, I would highly recommend that you don’t get caught up in the whole brand-named experience. They might be better for performance, but it would be better to go for something cheaper than you can afford to replace. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably only use it for a few weeks a year while you’re on holiday, and the last thing you want is to have a few thousand pounds sat in an inflatable canoe doing nothing.

Advanced Elements Kayak Review (One Person Canoe)

If you’re looking for a one-person canoe, the Advance Elements canoe is a great model to buy and well-reviewed and approved across the internet. It’s not a brand name that helps to keep the price down, but it still performs well across the board.

The canoe is designed with a length of 10 ft’3 Inches and a width of 2ft 9 inches and weighs just over 15kg. While its one of the heavier one-person canoes that we tested, it is for a good reason. The 2ft 9 inches of width helps create a stable platform, while the additional weight really comes from the built-in aluminium ribs that help improve the canoe’s rigidity.

The extra weight also comes from its design, it’s made with a dual-layer where the first layer is a PVC-coated polyester material, with a thick, waterproof fabric layer on top. This gives it its sturdy design and weight and means that you’re protected against hitting rocks or abrasions from being dragged up the beach. As an added benefit, areas such as the corners are re-forced to help provide added protection, while the canoe also comes with a seat that is both adjustable and removable. The package also includes a repair kit and extensive on-board storage allowing you to take over 150kg’s of equipment.

Overall, for a value for money canoe, it’s hard to beat.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak (Two Person)

If you want something slightly larger to take two people rather than one, check out the Sea Eagle Inflatable Canoe that we had a go on a couple of weeks ago.

I never knew this, but sea eagle has been making canoes and kayaks since 1968. Over this time, they have gone from a basic design to the durable, steady designs that we have today.

The Sea Eagle comes in two versions, the 330 and the 370. They are basically the same in terms of design, but their weight, length, and weight capacity differ. The 330 has been designed as a tight-fitting two-person canoe. You could easily take it to the beach and go fishing. The 370 is slightly larger, and you could take it to the beach a go fishing and pack your tent and weekend equipment easily to take with you.

In construction terms, both models are designed to be bulletproof. They are made using a puncture-resistant, extra-thick K-80 polykrylar material, and a tubed I-Beam construction with high-frequency welded seams makes the whole inflatable canoe last a long time. In terms of weight, the 330 weighs 12kg, while the 370 weighs 15kg.

Overall, I would buy the 330 for my holidays. The package comes with everything you need, including two inflatable seats, a foot pump, a pair of oars, a repair kit, a carry bag that everything fits into.

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