Gear Review: Gossamer Gear The One Review

Lightweight tents are the rage in 2020 as they have so many uses. Gone are the day when you either pack a daypack and head out for a walk knowing that you’ll return that same day. In this day, it’s possible to take “just in case” backpacks where you pack enough supplies for a couple of days on the mountain. In the past, this simply was not possible, taking a tent and cooking equipment was an added weight that many simply did not want.

With the design and manufacture of a new breed of lightweight camping gear, it’s now possible to take camping gear with you “just in case” you might use it and have your backpack remain nearly as light as your daypack was in the past. The Gossamer Gear’s The One is part of this allowing you to take a one-person, fully functional tent, with you for less that one kilo (0.762Grams).

The One

The Gossamer Gear’s, The One is an easy to set up tent that is designed to keep you comfortable all night long. Even in the worst weather conditions, The One will be kept dry while the tear-resistant factory-taped seams help to increase durability and make sure the tent lasts long into the future.

The One has been designed as a single person tent that is made from custom-formulated high tenacity nylon and relies on two poles (either adjustable hiking poles or either aluminium/carbon poles that need to be purchased separately).

To construct the tent, you simply lay the tent on the ground and use one of the two poles to support the entrance point and small vestibule, and the second to support the other side. In terms of design, the one fundamental problem is the solid verticle wall that easily catches the wind. As a result, you need to make sure you angle your tent into the prevailing wind, and secondly make sure you pull the top layer outwards as much as possible to reduce the verticle angle.

While the tent has a sleek and minimalistic design, the gossamer gear the One gives enough room to the occupant to snuggle up comfortably. At the same time, the bucket design makes sure there is enough room for both your head and feet to rest without touching the tent.

It’s pretty basic, but the new and improved gossamer gear the one comes with secure side pockets that can be unzipped for ventilation, and additional loop inside the tent to mount your flashlight and a mesh storage pocket for you to keep your belongings.

What We Liked

The Gossamer Gear, The One is all about having a secured shelter out in the unknown. The gossamer gear the One houses you safely and protects you through every thick and thin out in the wild. A few of the likeable features are listed as:

  • Super light – The gossamer gear the One is super light and can be carried without feeling burdened.
  • Spacious – It is spacious enough to house tall people.
  • Easy Access – It ensures easy entry. The side doors can be opened for breath-ability.
  • Storage – It has a flashlight loop and storage pocket.
  • Durability – The durability and weather resisting ability keep the nester safe inside. The waterproof coating adds up to its utility.
  • Night vision – The gossamer gear the One ensures clear night vision with its reflective lines.
  • Easy setup – Set it up with ease and enjoy your night out under the stars.
  • Clothesline – The clothesline inside the tent makes sure to keep your clothes safe and dry.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning a tent has never been this easy. The gossamer gear the One can be easily cleaned after our outing.


The biggest problem with Ultra-Light and Light-weight camping gear is the price. Manufacturers seem to think that just because it’s lightweight, we’re going to pay more. As a result, prices have gone through the roof for anything that is classified as ultra-light.

Fortunately, this is not the case with the Gossamer. It’s still not exactly cheap, but it does offer some form of value for money for a hiker who wants a lightweight tent, but with an expensive, but as value for money price tag.


Overall the Gossamer Gear, The One is a decent, lightweight tent that offers value for money, while will ensuring your safety and comfort are guaranteed. You will be kept protected from bugs and adverse weather turn-outs.

If we had one complaint, its that A-Frame tend not to do so well in the wind. While you can set up your tent with the verticle wall away from the wind, if it shifts overnight, you can end up with the wind blowing directly at the wall causing all kinds of problems. For a summer, single person lightweight tent, The One, is a good tent, but I think there are better tents for the winter.

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