Five Best Telescopic Fishing Rod’s To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

Fishing is an outdoor pastime that can require a lot of equipment. However, thanks to the latest light-weight technology, there is no reason that you cannot bring a fishing pole with you when you’re hiking on the mountains. Fishing poles that are created to be carried in your rucksack are available, and they allow you to travel with your fishing rod strapped to your back. This allows avid outdoorsmen to combine their love of camping or hiking with their love of fishing.

That all said, there is a lot rod’s on the market that are totally useless, you don’t want to make size and transportation more important than your ability to actually catch a fish. If you want to reliably catch a fish, you need to have a rod that you can trust isn’t going to break mid-cast, or even worse, as you battle against nature to try to catch a fish.

In the world of fishing telescopic fishing rod’s, there are many considerations to take into account. The biggest considerations with rucksack fishing poles are size, weight, strength and features. If you’re an avid fisherman who wants to carry their poles long distances, this article should help you select the best backpack fishing rod.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod - Top Three Picks

RUNCL Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos


The Runcl is easily my favorite rod on the market today. It's made from high-quality carbon fiber and while its a little expensive side, it offers fantastic performance and a kit that contains everything you need to go fishing on your next camping trip.  Unlike so many kits on the market these day's the runcl can actually be used right out of the box with nothing further needed.

REAWOW Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

REAWOW Fishing Rod

The Reawow is a great option that offers real value for money. Its a carbon fibre fishing rod and reel that actually works well.  That said, unlike my favorite to the right, it does not come with hooks and floats and therefore you'll need to buy these desperately. That said, that might not be a bad thing as often the hooks and floats are nothing more than cheap props.

BNTTEAM 7 PACKS 2.1m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m 99% Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod

BNTTEAM 7 Telescopic  Rod

The Bntteam 7 Telescopic rod is a decent bit of kits and made from high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.  While this makes its strong and offers real value for money, it also makes it slightly heavier.  Rod and Reel weigh it at 396-grams, and while it does come with hooks and floats, I'd recommend that you buy a few others.

Buying Guide

If you are looking for a highly transportable fishing rod that you can bring with you on hikes, road trips, and camping expeditions, a telescopic fishing rod is a good option. These fishing rods are lightweight and short, allowing you to fit them into a backpack and carry them everywhere. There are also two-piece fishing rods, which require assembly to put together and use.

  • Rod Length – If you would like to avoid spending time assembling equipment, the telescopic fishing rod is a better choice. Shorter rods are more useful when you will not be aware of the terrain, because they are less likely to get tangled in trees or bushes. Of course, shorter rods are more likely to be unable to handle larger catches. Your rod length depends on your needs for transporting, and on what kind of fish you intend on catching. Telescopic fishing poles are different from detachable fishing poles because they will likely usually be shorter. They require different casting, and can be a different skill set. Detachable poles tend to have a higher rate of complication, and if not used for a long amount of time can become hard to reliably use and put together.

  • Reels and Action – At this time, the majority of telescopic fishing poles are made with spinning reels. When buying a spinning rod, be sure to consider the rod’s power and action. Cheap rods may have too little or too much action. Too little action, and your rod will be too stiff for good use. Too little action, and your fishing pole will be limp. Both of these don’t allow you the proper “feel” you need to catch a fish, and may interfere with your fishing experience.

  • Weight – If you will be transporting a fishing rod long distances, it should be lighter. Hopefully, you should be able to buy a fishing rod that is less than two pounds. Backpack rods are typically about five and a half to six and a half ounces, which allows you to carry them easily.

  • Poor Quality – However, be sure that you are not confusing lightweight with poor quality. There should be a moderate amount of action to your pole, which allows you to have a feel of the fish. Rods with no action can snap, and rods with too little action will not allow you to reel in the fish. Different levels of action are appropriate for different kinds of fishing, however the range on this should never be “immobile” or “flexible.”

  • Line – A durable line makes a big difference when you’ve got a big catch on the hook. Durable, translucent line that does not have a high memory and has low extension is preferred amongst amateur and professional fishermen alike. Length of line is less important for these telescopic rods, however the size of your fishing area will affect how much line you truly need. If you are going to be fishing on a large lake, there is a benefit to having a very long line. However, if you’re fishing in a stream, you may find too much line cumbersome. If this is the case, you can buy a fishing rod that doesn’t come with as much line without worrying if you will be shore-bound.

  • Kit Additions – A large benefit to telescopic fishing poles or compact fishing rods tends to be the kits that they come with. While a standard pole requires a good amount of collecting and shopping around to develop an adequate tackle box, kits tend to come with weights, floaters, lures, and hooks in one quick shop. This means that you can spend less time putting together a kit and more time heading to your fishing site. Most kit additions include floats, weights, lures, and hooks, however some kits also include tools to attach weights and pull the hooks out of the fish. Various types of lures will often be included. Jig heads may also be added to a kit. These hooks have fish heads, and are often used to convince fish that there is food attached to the hook.

  • Guide Rings – Guide rings are the loops that keep the line attached to and running up the fishing pole. They are vital, because uneven, worn, corroded, broken, or easily warmed guide rings can pop off, damage your line, or cut your catch free. A rod cannot function properly if the guide rings detach or are corroded, therefore investing in a rod with good guide rings is vital to the fishing process. Good guide rings are attached firmly, and are usually ceramic to prevent overheating. They should be noninvasive, and should have a firmly attached guide ring at the very tip of the fishing rod.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod’s

The following fishing rods have been selected for their portability and function. Their size, weight, and durability make them useful for hiking, camping, and other forms of travel. All of these rods are useful in a backpacking situation, however we have made our selection as to the best ones based on quality of not only the rod, but in many cases the kit it comes with

RUNCL Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos

RUNCL Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos

This is our top contender for a backpack fishing rod. RUNCL’s high quality telescopic rod is durable, made from high-quality carbon fiber. Strong and flexible, it features corrosion-resistant ceramic guide rings, which dissipate heat and protect lines from damage.

The reel is an aluminum spool CNC-machined reel that provides an even lay every time, perfect for spooling the extra-tough nylon fishing line. With low memory and low extension, this clear line performs in water and is nearly invisible.

This set comes with fishing lures which mimic the swimming action of fish to help increase your odds of getting the catch of the day. It includes a spinnerbait, eleven soft lures, five crank baits, a frog lure, two sinkers, five fishing hooks, five barrel swivels with connector rings, two sinkers, and ten fishing beads. This is a comprehensive starting lure package, which will perform well in a variety of situations.


• Durable
• Lightweight
• Easy assembly
• Quality Line
• Comprehensive Package


• Some users report factory or packaging damage

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REAWOW Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

REAWOW Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

This sea fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and comes with an EVA handle design for increased comfort during fishing. The Baitcast reel is fitted with a ball bearing of 18+1BB, with an aluminum spool, a rubber knob, and a magnetic brake system.

Durable and consistent, the real power of this rod is in the reel, which is reinforced and weighted to help you bring in the big catch. This is not a package so much as it is just a quality rod, so it does not come with the lures and tackle that the RUNCL comes with. That said often this is not a problem.  

Either the hooks and floats in most packages are totally useless, or they are not suitable for the type of fish that you're likely to catch in your specific area and therefore you'll need to buy specific hooks and flyers anyway.  It can be incredibly difficult to find a telescopic rod with a Baitcast reel, so this is a unique purchase.


• Strong Baitcast reel
• Carbon fiber pole is durable
• EVA handle for comfort


• Does not come with the rest of a kit, which makes it a better fit for a fisherman who already has supplies

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BNTTEAM 7 PACKS 2.1m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m 99% Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod

BNTTEAM 99% Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod

This carbon fiber and fiberglass fishing rod is very durable and hard. By precise placement of the ceramic guide sets, there is limited friction in the line flow and increased range of casting and sensitivity. The hooded reel seats are stainless steel, and have anti-corrosive properties.

The spinning fishing reel is fortified and equipped with twelve ball-bearings support for the main shaft. This allows the main shaft to be highly stabilized, aiding in precise rotation and adding performance. The line itself is a braided PE line, and the kit comes with sixteen pieces, including lures, floats, and hooks.

BNTTEAM 7 includes a durable, water-resistant carrying back for you to store your fishing pole and the kit’s additions.


• Smooth, strong reel
• Carbon Fiber and fiberglass blend poll is durable
• Comprehensive kit
• Storage bag


• Large floaters
• Braided PE line is not a favorite for particular fishermen

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Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod

Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Lixada fishing rod is a high density carbon fiber rod, which is incredibly hard and durable. This reel is a durable metal spool made of graphite, with an anti-reversing system. The reel is left or right interchangeable, making it a great fit for sharing or for people who are left-handed.

This rod comes with a storage case that is scratch resistant and filled with EVA sponge, which provides cushion and protection for transport. This bag is small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack with other items, but roomy enough to include your tackle.

The kit consists of one hundred meters of fishing line, several lures, jig heads, hooks, and more. Simple enough for novices but complete enough for professionals, this convenient kit is worth considering if you want to travel with a rod.


• Durable rod
• Reel comes with an anti-reversing system
• Interchangeable for right and left handed reeling
• Kit with multiple pieces and a bag to carry them in


• Not recommended for heavy spinning or fly fishing
• Relatively small

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RoseFlower Telescopic Fishing Rod

RoseFlower Telescopic Fishing Rod

This lightweight fiberglass fishing pole is designed to be portable and for beginner use. It is designed to be versatile in where you can use it, ranging from lakes to rivers to reefs. The rod is high density carbon fiber material, simultaneously sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel guide rings with ceramic make heat dissipation a breeze.

The handle is EVA and ergonomically shaped, making it easy to hold for long days fishing. The reel has eleven ball bearings, and is interchangeable, so you can switch it from left to right hands.

RoseFlower created a full fishing kit, including a bag, five hundred meters of fishing line, thirteen lures, fifteen hooks, and other necessary fishing accessories. This is, however, an incredibly tiny rod.


• Durable
• Incredibly portable
• Interchangeable from left hand to right hand
• Ergonomic EVA handle
• Full kit


• Very small
• Likely unable to handle large weights

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Final Thoughts

Investing in a telescopic fishing pole should give you confidence that you’re making a purchase that will allow you to have fun in the outdoors without interfering with your space or plans. By prioritizing durable fishing rods that come in kits and can handle a decent amount of tension on the pole, you will be able to make a wise choice.

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