Hiking Emergency Kit – This is What I Take On Every Trip

What would you do if you were walking on Scafell Pike, and your walking partner, slipped over a rock, landed on another, and has a suspected broken leg. Moving them is out of the question leaving you with two choices, call for help, or go for help.

Whether you call for help, or go for help, you’ll need to stabilize your walking partner, find your exact location and if you’re waiting for help to arrive, stay warm. Most importantly, don’t every feel guilty for calling out mountain rescue if you’ve run into problems along your route. Mountain rescue is full of outdoor specialists who are happy to help if your prepared.


An emergency on the mountainside is something that we actively prepare for, but hope we never have to put into practice. In the 15 years that I’ve been walking in the countryside, what amazes me the most is the number of walkers who have no emergency gear whatsoever, and are not prepared for even the slightest emergency problem.

Its good practice to get into a habit of taking some form of emergency kit with you on every walk, however what I take on day hike, is very different from what I take on a 3-day camping trip. I would highly recommend that you take an emergency kit, and a first aid kit on every walk you start.

Obviously the size of your kit will depend on how many are going to use it. If it’s just you, you can easily get away with having limited equipment, however if you’re out with a group, you will need a much larger kit. What should be in your kit?

Hiking Emergency Kit

Personal Locator Beacon – PLB RescueMe, 7 year battery life and 116g

Two-Way Radio – Motorola TLKR T92 Licence-free Two Way Radios

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets are the best I’ve found over the years.

Black Diamond Ion Head-Lamp, its just 53-Grams, but powerful enough (100 lumens) to actually make a difference.

Fire Making Tools – I’ll pack a light as well

Spare Laces – You always need some rope

  • Survival Bag (Dimensions: 180 x 90cm approx open, 23 x 17 x 1 cm folded. Weight 220g approx)
  • Emergency Food High energy, none perishable… Quiggins Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake
  • Emergency Shelter – Gelert Single Survival bag
  • Emergency Blanket – Emergency Mylar Blankets (Retains/reflects back 90% of body heat)

Emergency Contact Details

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