What’s The Best Shirts for Hot Weather Walking In The Countryside This Summer

Hiking in the countryside is one of life great pleasure, however keeping cool, especially in the summer, is often quite difficult, but made worse when you’re not wearing the right clothing. In this review, we’re getting ready for the summer and on the lookout for the best shirts for hot weather hiking.

The number one rule of hot weather hiking is less exposure to the sun, which creates a lower temperature. You want to make sure you’re covered and thus protected from the sun. There is nothing hotter than being in direct sunlight, and as such all-experience hikers will cover-up, including long-sleeved shirts, hats and long shorts or trousers.

The Best Shirts for Hot Weather

In my experience, the best shirts for hot weather those that take sweat away from the body while letting the cooling breeze keep you cool and dry. Whatever you choose, make sure you protect against UV light across your entire shirt otherwise, you could be in for a painful lesson. Below are four tips that I think are important to consider when buying a shirt for summers in the countryside.

  • Loose Fit – You want to buy clothing that fits loosely. If you don’t, you end starting to sweat on a difficult climb, the tight clothing sticks to your body and starts to become uncomfortable. The longer you sweat, the more clogged the material pores become, and the more uncomfortable it becomes. Loose-fitting clothes will absorb sweat but allow moisture to escape as the breeze blows through.
  • Moisture Absorbing – Together with being loose-fitting, you need to move the moisture away from your body. When you choose clothing, you need to choose clothing made from Merino Wool or a Synthetic material that promotes moisture wicking. Most importantly, you need to stay away from cotton as it absorbs moisture and has poor insulating properties.
  • Quick Drying – once your shirt has absorbed any moisture, you need it to dry quickly. The quicker it dries, the more moisture can be absorbed anyway from your body and the more sweat your shirt can absorb. You’re looking for quick-drying being advertised on the shirt.
  • Features – Once you have a loose-fitting, moisture absorbing, quick-drying shirt, the final thing you’re looking for is features. These include;
    • Vents or Mesh panels that help to increase airflow on hot days.
    • Light Colours – that reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them will help to keep you cool
    • UV/UPF Rated Clothing – look for a minimum of UPF 15, but ideally UPF 30 or UPF 50+ sun protection.

Best Shirts for Hot Weather

So, what’s the best shirts for hot weather? I’ll tell you what I use, it’s the Columbia Tamiami II. It comes in a male and a female version and combines all the features of a stylish button-down shirt with all the traditional hiking shirt features.

I really enjoy wearing it hiking as the vented back panels increase airflow through the shirt, while the fabric that blocks UVA and UVB rays, the polyester-wick absorbs moisture from the body, while the quick-drying design means that it’s always dry.

I had had times when It was soaked at the top but dry 20 minutes later at the bottom of a hill.

Columbia Tamiami II (MALE AND FEMALE)

  • MATERIAL: Synthetic Polyester
  • SLEEVES: Long
  • STYLE: Button Shirt
  • UPF: 40
    • Ability to Venting
    • Two Front Pockets
    • Roll-able Sleeves with Button


  • MATERIAL: Nylon/Polyester
  • SLEEVES: Long
  • STYLE: Button Shirt
  • UPF: 30
    • Sun collar
    • Ventilation


  • MATERIAL: Rayon/Polyester
  • SLEEVES: Short
  • STYLE: Button Shirt
  • UPF: 20
    • Chest pocket
    • Collar


  • MATERIAL: Polyester
  • SLEEVES: Long and Short
  • STYLE: Crew
  • UPF: 15
    • Soft material
    • Very breathable


  • MATERIAL: Polyester
  • STYLE: Button-up
  • UPF: 40
    • Ventilation Ports

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