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Best Backpacking Camera For the Countryside 2021

Best Backpacking Camera For the Countryside

I have been writing this blog for a few years now, and while we often review hiking routes, one thing we haven’t ever done is to video the hiking routes that we’ve walked. This is something that we’re going to explore this year, but it does bring up the next question, what the best backpacking …

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Best Passive Cool Box – 2021 Buyers Guide

Best Cool Box

Two weeks ago, we looked at travel refrigerators; the idea was that you took your chilled food with you on your camping trip and kept the refrigerator cool by using a solar panel. This is an excellent strategy for a week-long holiday, but if you’re just going for an overnight stay, surely it would be …

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Five Benefits of Pull-Ups To Help You Carry Your Backpack

benefits of pull ups

Exercise is great for you. It has been proven time and time again. Exercise releases endorphins which make you happier, get your blood moving, helps to burn excess fat, and can help you fight illnesses, and even live longer. But what are some benefits of specific workouts? Pull-ups have several great benefits that can positively …

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10 Health Benefits of Horse Riding To Keep You In Shape This Summer

Benefits of Horse Riding

Horseback riding may not seem like an activity that would pack a full case of benefits since it appears fairly simple and not physically challenging. However, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits that accompany the sport. The benefits of horse riding spread a wide range, from increased muscular development and growth to mental …

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Best Bivvy Sack For 2020: This is What I Take It In My Daysack

best bivvy sack

When I’m in the countryside for an overnight walking trip, taking a full-blown tent is hardly worth it, especially in the summer. It’s often Two-kilos of weight that I just don’t feel the need to carry. I have looked at buying an Ultra-Light tent in the past, and in all honesty, I had thought about …

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