Best Wheel Clamp For The UK Countryside (2021 Buyers Guide)

This year, as a family, we’re going to some serious hiking, but I’m also planning on buying a caravan or a campervan to save money on hotels. The idea is that you take your caravan and use it as a base to hike from on select routes within an area. If I’m going to buy a caravan, I want to know when I get back, it’s in the same position I left it, and this is where a wheel clamp comes into its own. Today, we’re looking at the best wheel clamps from across the market. What you should buy, and what you should avoid.

Wheel Clamps

If you are out on a big trip, odds are you have a lot of personal possessions in your campervan or caravan. The last thing you want is to have to constantly make sure that your camper trailer is secure and that nobody can take your things. This is where a wheel clamp comes into its own.

Wheel clamps are used to secure the wheels of your camper trailer or RV, to prevent anyone from being able to steal it. The design of a wheel clamp means that even if someone can get into your trailer, they won’t be able to take the vehicle itself.

Everyone needs to feel secure while they are out travelling. So we are going to cover the best wheel clamps for tractor-trailers and RVs. We will talk about what to look for in a wheel clamp, and then we will cover some of the best wheel clamps on the market today.

The Best Wheel Clamps

Here is a quick rundown of what you should look for when shopping around for the best wheel clamp. Your first choice is whether you want a visible wheel clamp, or an invisible one. If you choose a wheel clamp that is visible, typically they are the design that covers your entire wheel, and personally I think they are better as criminals are less likely to even approach a car if they see that it has a wheel lock. Other kinds of clamps like braces are more or less hidden. Some people like hidden braces because they are more defensive. Either one you choose, your vehicle will be protected.

Typically there are a couple of different designs that you can choose from, but effectively they all do the thing, but with a slightly different design and and a slightly different want of doing it.

  • Clamps: Most wheel clamps are a simple clamp that clamps around the wheels of your trailer, like the pincers of a lobster. Clamp locks stick their fingers into the spokes of the wheel and connect on the other side, preventing the wheel from turning properly. The result is that your truck cannot move until the lock is removed.
  • Boot: A boot is similar to a clamp and goes around your entire tire. Like the clamp-style, boots go through your tire and connect on the other side. The difference is that boot clamps also have a circular arm over the center of the heel. So the pincers and circular arm both work to keep the wheel from spinning.
  • Chock: A chock is a wheel lock that is shaped like the standard clamp but also comes with a plate that stands up against the bottom of the wheel and the ground. Sharp teeth on the clamp create more friction to keep the chock secure on the ground.
  • Brace: A brace is a wheel lock that fits along the axles of two tires that are right next to each other. Braces are shaped like an X and get put between the wheels, so one wheel cannot move without pushing against the brace and the second wheel.

Stoplock Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp

First up on our list is the Stoplock Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp. This wheel clamp is designed for smaller cars and will fit tires between 13-15 inches. This heavy-duty wheel clamp is made from durable steel and features a dual-lock mechanism that secures your car tire from multiple points. The circular part goes over the rim while the two metal fixtures attach to the rim and the exterior of the tire. The bottom arm also forms contact against the ground, preventing further movement.

The Stoplock is designed from smaller cars that have wheel diameters between 13-15 inches. The lock itself is also small enough to store in your trunk when not in use. The lock uses a special key to put it on and off. The Stoplock wheel clamp is guaranteed for 5 years of service, and the key mechanism is rated for over 10,000 uses. AS such, it’s highly durable and will last you a long time. The bright yellow paint makes the lock very visible, so it works as a good deterrent from theft or vandalism.

Overall, the Stoplock is a great wheel clamp for smaller cars that will keep your possessions safe and secure. The heavy-duty construction is excellent for extended use, and it is guaranteed for at least 5 years. So, if you are looking for something that will keep your car safe, then the Stoplock is a good choice.

Keraiz Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp

Up next on our list is the Keraiz heavy Duty Wheel Clamp. True to its name, the wheel clamp is incredibly heavy-duty and is designed to be universally compatible with cars, vans, trucks, minivans, and motorbikes. It has a simple clamp design that is easy to attach and features a key locking mechanism to take on and off. The Keraiz is also weather resistant and resistant to scratching or dings from impacts.

The Keraiz wheel clamp is heavy-duty but also designed to not scratch your wheels and tires. It has soft coated jaws so the parts that make contact with your metal rims won’t scratch it. It is also bright yellow and red. This visibility makes it a good deterrent against thieves and vandalism.

The wheel clamp is made out of alloy steel and can withstand up to 3500 pounds of force and fits tires up to 27 inches across. In that sense, it is truly a universal wheel clamp and can be used on basically any vehicle you have. Each lock comes with 2 spare keys as well, so you won’t have to worry about removing it if you misplace or lose one of your keys.

Overall, the Keraiz is a simple and very effective wheel clamp for your car or truck. It has a straightforward design, is easy to attach, and is incredibly strong. No matter what people will throw at it, it will stand strong and protect your vehicle.

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