10 Great Holidays For Thrill Seekers

Are you fed up with walking in the mountains and want some real thrill's? How about getting yourself off road and doing some off road driving? This is one of the many thrill seeking activities that is actually very enjoyable and can combine both getting into the mountains, seeing the countryside and offers the opportunity to stay over night, either in the back of your truck or even if you want to take a tent and put it up each night.

For some people, camping may not be there idea of fun and therefore maybe they are looking to get some serious thrills into a day whilst at the same time being able to pack up over night and stay in a warm hotel. Both of these are easily possible in the world that we live in and below we have outlined ten fantastic thrill seeking activities that anyone can do.


One of the fastest growing thrill seeking sports in the UK right now is kite-surfing and takes place all over the world. The idea here is that the user launches their kite and then uses this kite to pull them along the water on a kite board. It looks very easy, but beginners are usually likely to spend more time in the water and surfing on their kitesurf, however with practice and proper training from an experienced professional it's actually quite easy to get up and running. There are a number of locations in UK where you can find ideal conditions including consistent wind, empty beaches and smooth waters for this thrilling sport. Many professional experts provide 10-hour course spread over several days for the novice thrill seekers to teach them correct basic movements and the ways to handle emergency conditions. Once you're up and running, what you can do is amazing and 200 foot jumps are easily possible.

Swim Trekking

Though lakes may not be suitable for beginners but various travel companies in Britain offer swim-trekking trips in the beautiful waterscapes of Europe, guided by the professional swimmers, for such people. Though Lake District was earlier the ideal place for swim-trekking but since the restrictions on speed limits have been enforced this sports has lost its thrill for the professionals. Today many travel companies offer two-day swimming course in the Lake District for the beginners, however if you don't want to swim in freezing cold lake of the UK then it's a great idea to get yourself aboard to warmer climates.

Extreme Climbing

Extreme climbing is as the word says, extreme and the images of this thrilling sport are enough to cause vertigo among people but still they offer lessons for the beginners. They teach basic climbing and safety techniques to climb on 30 to 100 meter high rocks. The Canadian Rockies surrounded by Lake Louise, Banff and Canmore is one of the most ideal places for learning climbing to the extremes as it offers different locations to climb on every day due to its limestone, quartzite and sandstone rocks. If going abroad is not your thing, then it's easy to stay in the UK and climb to the extreme either indoors or even in the English or Scottish mountains.

Snow Kite-Surfing

If you're not keen on getting wet but still want to do some kite-surfing, how about Snow Kite Surfing by putting together a kite and snowboard for Snow Kite-Surfing. This thrilling sport has evolved from a few a few basic kites on the snow to a sport which has attracted people to remote locations to develop their skills and knowledge. For beginners it is not good to practice at heavy snow locations as the risk of an avalanche is massive. Beginners need to go to the locations with milder weather, soft powdery snow and steady flow of breeze to make this sport easier for them.


Whilst not an extreme sport, the UK is known for nurturing tennis stars like Tim Hennman and as a result has developed various tennis resorts which can be an ideal place to learn tennis. These tennis resorts are usually trained by professional tennis players and therefore when you're in a group of tennis players who are of a similar standard to yourself, then it's easy to really improve your game. Professional's from across the world teach tennis across all types of hitting surfaces from clay to grass and everything in-between. Generally they're pretty good value and give the users lots of opportunities to make friends whilst at the same time play tennis.


Golfing is one of the most frustrating and annoying sports that you can do across the world, but dam it feels good to get a round of golf using the same ball. One of the best ways to improve you game is to take a golfing holiday, however this type of holiday can also affect your married life unless your family has other interested things to do at the same time whilst you're playing golf. For this reason many golf resort are located in hot locations where you can play golf and family can sit on the beach and enjoy a summer holiday.


Polo is a fantastic game if you enjoy riding horses and their is no better place to learn the game of polo that there is in Argentina in the south of Latin America. This area offers a number of courses, however you do need to remember that from the UK, it's at least a 16 hour flight given that if you want to fly with British Airways then the plane stops off in Brazil first before flying onwards to Argentina. In light of this you do want to make sure that at a minimum you take a two week holiday which will allow you a day to fly and another to recover before you start playing Polo.

Hiking Across The UK

If you don't fancy leaving the UK, then you can easily get involved in some serious hiking across the UK in many locations. If you want some thrill seeking then how about getting involved in some serious hiking then how about hiking in the winter or even doing some glacier walking.

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