10 Fantastic WhiteWater Rafting Destinations

10 Fantastic WhiteWater Rafting Destinations

Are you fed up with walking in the UK mountains and want something really different? How about doing some white-water rafting, however where in the world can you combine the two together.

The big problem with the UK is that whilst you can go rafting, the water is very cold and therefore it's a great idea to out and explore the great world that we live in.

Below we have outline 10 fantastic destinations around the world to do some real White-Water Rafting.

The Grand Canyon National Park, USA

The Grand Canyon National Park is a splendid wonder. You can sign up for a single or even multiple day adventure on rivers that wind through America’s most outstanding natural landforms. You can spend as long as you wish on the canyon and enjoy the services of professional tour guides who will lead you through the waters. You can start from the Glen Canyon Dam and let your tour guide you or just paddle on if you choose to be your own guide.

Ottawa River, Canada

You probably know the Ottawa River as a border between Quebec and Ontario; but that’s not all it has to offer. The Ottawa River is the most popular destination for rafting and Kayaking in Canada. The Luke-warm water of the river attracts families and rafting lovers every summer in their numbers. Steering through the valley, which is more than 175 years old, is such a great way to have fun. You can take the kids for leisure paddle or take down your friends for a more competitive racing. With the Ottawa River you can never run out of ideas on how to make your summer enjoyable.

Glacier National Park, USA

If you are aiming at combining the whitewater rafting adventure with other outdoor activities, then the Flathead River in Montana National park should be your destination. This vast naturally preserved ecosystem with more than 700 miles of land makes a great spot for nature lovers. It is a perfect spot for hiking and white water rafting. You can pilot your own inflatable vessel along the over 150 mile of pure water. The water here is cool clean and fresh ; directly from the rocky mountains.

Magpie River, Canada

It will probably take you eight days or more to steer the escalating rapids of Magpie River. The best way to explore the splendor of this scenic stretch is by pitching a tent along the stretch of the river in between the day long floats. At the end of your, over a week long, trip you will encounter the Grade V rapids (the toughest classification recommended for rafting). At the Magpie falls you get to enjoy a 125 foot vision of descending water.

Pacuare River, Costa Rica

Popularly known as the Rio Pacuare River, the escapade offers varying degrees of difficulty that last for approximately 67 miles. The river is divided into sections; the upper upper, upper and the lower sections. The levels of difficulty vary between Grade II and Grade V. This makes it perfect for both novice rafters and the veterans. The Pacuare River is surrounded completely by acres of rainforest therefore sailing down the course might mean an encounter with some of Costa Rica’s Wildlife Like monkeys and Jaguars.

Futaleufu River, Chile

Futaleufu makes the best destination for experienced rafters. The river offers spectacular views and highly intense rapids. Cascading from the Los Alerces National Park, the Fataleufu is renowned for its blue waters and Grade V drops. This destination is recommended for skilled rafters with many years of experience. There are long stretches of excitement along the river at spots like the Wild Mile which has a series of rapids to keep an athlete on their toes.

Apurimac River, Peru

If you want to earn bargaining right for rafting on the worlds largest river then here is no doubt that you will have to fly all the way to southern Peru for a rafting adventure. Originating from the amazon, the Apurimac River offers Kayaker’s and whitewater rafters a chance to see South America’s magnificent nature up-close. The river offers grade IV rapids and a four day commitment. This destination is recommended for experienced rafters with appreciation of camping. It takes a period of four days to complete the stretch.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe and Zambia

You should only attempt to tackle the intense swells and challenging rapids of the Zambezi River if you are an expert rafter. The Zambezi River is nearly 1600 in length. The stretch is separated into the upper and middle Zambezi by the Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). Have a scenic view of Zimbabwe’s finest wildlife like Hippopotamuses and crocodiles along the calmer sections of the river. You should definitely brace your self for massive rapids along the tough parts including the Batoka Gorge.

White Nile, Uganda

Enjoy a lifetime experience of maneuvering a boat full of rafters at the Bujagali falls near the mouth of Lake Victoria. The White Nile which is a tributary of the main Nile flows through several countries including Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda. Les expensive rafting companies have set up shops near the most popular parts of the river in Uganda. Here you have a chance to combine a rafting experience with a view of the spectacular African landscape. Expect Grade V rapids and a bit of exciting thrills.

North Johnstone River, Australia

If you want to have one of the best travel adventures in the world then you must consider the North Johnstone River. Located in North Qeensland, the lengthy stretch has more to offer to rafters and kayakers. You will be forced to ride a helicopter to the beginning of your tour. Raft through endless Grade V rapids for a thrilling and unforgettable experience. You get to enjoy some of the truly amazing Australian sceneries. There is no doubt that the North Johnson River offers one of the most rewarding white water rafting out there.

Follow Up

With this list, you can be sure to land your self the best summer whitewater rafting destination. While there are many other destinations you may chose from, these are just some of the Wolds best. Remember to take care and have fun.

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