10 Health Benefits of Horse Riding To Keep You In Shape This Summer

Benefits of Horse Riding

Horseback riding may not seem like an activity that would pack a full case of benefits since it appears fairly simple and not physically challenging. However, there are plenty of physical and mental benefits that accompany the sport. The benefits of horse riding spread a wide range, from increased muscular development and growth to mental …

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Expert Advice: How To Stretch Leather Boots

How To Stretch Leather Boots

Leather is a fantastic material for hiking boots, but it does come with some drawbacks. I have a pair of older leather walking boots that I’ve had for twenty years. They’re comfortable, waterproof and very protective, but they weren’t always that way.When you first buy a pair of leather boots, you’ll notice that leather is …

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What Equipment Should I Get If I’m New to Hiking?

What Equipment Should I Get If I'm New to Hiking?

If you’re new to hiking in the countryside, I would not going out and buy anything until you’re sure you want to continue with your hobby over the long-term. Specialized hiking equipment tends to be expensive and in the case of walking boots, not something that you’ll likely be wearing outside of walking in the …

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Expert Advice: How Big Is A 30 Litre Backpack?

Expert Advice_ How Big Is A 30 Liter Backpack

I’m a firm believer in hiking light no matter whether I’m on a day trip in the countryside or a five-day camping trip across Snowdonia. While it’s possible to buy backpacks up to 90 litres, I tend to pack light and therefore stick to the smaller sizes. Consequently, a 30-liter pack back, is the perfect …

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