UK Walking Locations – The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man

If you’re will to take a drive or even jump on a plan then how about a trip to the Isle of Man which offers something for everyone wanting to get out and about and explore the UK’s countryside.

The Isle of Man is a small island in the UK that is located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland and is about 33 miles long and 12 miles wide. The island has it’s own government and parliament, however at the same time is a British Crown dependency meaning that the UK is responsible for defense and foreign affairs. 

The island has two small towns being Douglas and Peed that allow walkers that don’t want too spend time exploring the countryside to enjoy what these small countryside towns have to offer.

The countryside is spectacular, however two points at this stage. It’s wet, windy and often cold and there are very few people that walk in the area therefore if you get into trouble you will need to sort yourself out as other than the emergency services there is very little else to help you.

This does mean that if you’re going to head of the beaten track then you need to take precautions in the form of both safety measure and navigation equipment. The area contains everything from gentle grass slopes to steep layered cliffs, mountains and even sandy beaches and woodland glens.

Probably the best walk on the Isle of Man is the 96 Mile coastal footpath which takes into the best scenery in the area, the highest summit of Snaefell at just over 2,000Ft and the simply amazing wildlife that calls this region home. One of the best times to visit this region is at the beginning of June when the Isle of Man TT motorcycle racing take place on the Island and offer some superb motorcycle racing.

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