Gear Review: Deuter Trail Pro 32 Backpack Review (Mens)

For the record, I tested this model for a couple of day-hikes in the summer of 2019 with the plan to buy a decent winter daypack to carry my glacier walking equipment. In the end, I went with another winter daypack, not because there is a problem with the Deuter Trail Pro 32, but simply because I thought the other model was better. This write up was from those few outings.

Deuter Trail Pro 32

The Deuter Trail Pro 32 backpack is a backpacker’s delight and arrives in a stylish design and outstanding durability. The packs are made from 600 denier polyester yarn with a thick PU coating, that is both tear-resistant and very versatile.

It has been designed as ruck-sack for technical hikes where you need to carry extra gear. As an example, it comes with an Ice Axe and hiking pole attachments, a 3-litre water-bladder as standard, and a spring-steel internal frame to give the Trail Pro more weight-carrying capacity than most daypacks. The Trail Pro 32 will happily carry up to 15KG of gear without causing any damage to either the user or the backpack.

Internal Frame

The Trail Pro has been designed for men with longer torsos and therefore comes with Dimensions of 60 / 32 / 22 (L x W x D) cm while weighing around 1.5 KG. Yes, its made from a much strong material that many of the daypacks that we’ve tested on this website, but it also contains an internal frame that has been designed to help support weight and keep it in the right place.

The frame is made with a PE frame sheet and a wishbone-shaped wireframe that while does a great job of keeping the weight in the right place, it adds a lot of weight to the backpack. On one of my days, I was carrying over 10-kilos of climbing equipment in addition to the probably 12-kilos of typical hiking equipment up the side of Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Realistically I easily hiked for two-hours up, and about three down. Generally, if I put 25kg on my back, I feel it the next day, but due to the design, my back did not feel a thing. It handles the weight well, but it is a heavy backpack. In the past, I’ve used a pack with twice the volume that has the same weight as this.

Effortless Opening and Closing

This is another classic feature of the Deuter Trail Pro 32 backpacks. The product comes with a closed lid system that allows you easier access to the top shaft. There is another additional zip entry system on the front that helps to take out stuff without fully opening the bag. The unit is also fitted with internal pockets, large mesh pouches, and a separate zippered sleeping unit at the bottom. This helps you to store additional items inside the unit.

Deuter Trail Pro 32

  • Dimensions – 60 / 32 / 22 (L x W x D) cm
  • Volume – 32 Litres
  • Weight – 1430 g
  • Aircontact System to reduce back-body sweat
  • Internal Frame and bottom compartment
  • Compatible with 3-litre drinking system

Anatomic Hip Belts

The product attaches a spine shaped hip-built design that doesn’t put pressure on your back. The comprehensive belt technology holds fine and is sewn tightly at the bottoms for a closed knit finish. This provides you whole day comfort across rugged terrains and carries more substantial loads. The belts are also equipped with pull-forward adjustable supports with sternum straps for load lifting capacity. The adjustable belts can be expanded or reduced according to your requirements and help to stabilize your backpack.

Extra Features

The pack has been designed with a thick PU coating for added durability and water resistance, however, it’s not waterproof. If you’re out in the English countryside and it rains for any period of time, water is going to get into your rucksack. Two options, either use the rain cover that is stored in a zippered pocket on the packs bottom or pack your things in waterproof bags inside the pack.

Final Thoughts

As I made clear right form the start, the Deuter Trail Pro 32 back was not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good backpack, it more that I just thought i had found a better winter, heavy duty, day-backpack.

After the whole review, one thing we did like was the value for money the Trail Pro offers. Day-packs these days seem to be increasing in price on an almost daily basis. As a result, it’s not difficult to find a light-weight rucksack for over £300, which is a lot of pay for a backpack.

The Deuter Trail Pro 32 comes with some fantastic features, but is still a cost-effective backpack that includes everything that you would want to see in a quality day-sack for the UK countryside.

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